What to do about closets with SLOPED CEILINGS!

This could be a closet organizer’s biggest problem, and yet it is an all too common issue for interior designers, home owners and organization aficionados - that means The Closet Doc!

But don’t worry, you don’t have to go running out to buy a wardrobe closet or bed risers yet. Here are the top tips for organizing and designing in a closet with a less than ideal shape.

Success Kid!


The closet rod is going to need to come forward as much as possible (up the slope) without brushing your shirt shoulders against the closet doors when they are closed. The idea here is to expose the low depth created by the ceiling slant, thus maximizing the accessible space in back.


Folding Shelf Bracket

Closet shelves with a sloped ceiling? Don’t worry, there are brackets for that, and a plethora of shelving systems to choose from. But we’re still thinking up and in front because we are trying to maximize the available space that’s accessible, even if it’s down there in the back.


In the worst case scenarios, optimizing space inside a closet with a sloped ceiling means that some things are going to be harder to reach sometimes. You might have to tuck your out-of-season clothing, your squirrel suit, and your wizard cloak away in the drawers or storage containers at the back of your closet.


When the DIY solutions aren’t cutting it (and they often don’t) it’s time to bring in a professional BUT DON’T FREAK OUT YET!! You don’t have to get nickel and dimed by a random builder with dirty fingernails. Some major closet outfitters work with their own teams of designers and builders to deliver custom solutions at affordable prices.

Beautiful Closet with Sloped Ceilings

This type of thing isn’t as expensive as you think.


You are not alone when it comes to dealing with closets with sloped ceilings. Builders just don’t seem to realize that closets can be one of the most important spaces in the house. But don’t let it get you down, prevent you from buying your new home, or organizing your closet or your life. The odd ceiling has been overcome by people with weirdly rooms and closets the world over, and you’ll make it work too!

Good out, good in.

- The Closet Doc

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